The LCK english casters have really nailed how League should be cast

the whole going off on tangents during quiet and slow moments is obviously a very hit or miss but I think it's good that each region has its own flavour. I don't agree that LCK commentators are just flaming people for the sake of making a hot take, they are more to the fact about it and I personally enjoy that instead of trying to soften any type of perceived criticism

if you don't enjoy LCS type of commentary watch LCK, if you prefer commentators to not veer off topic and stay focused on the game watch LCS/LEC

riot themselves have published stats that support that most LEC/LCS viewers are of a more casual background, and therefore it makes sense to have a broadcast catered to that. LCK viewers tend to tune in due it being perceived as a stronger region overall and therefore tend to be more experienced viewers, therefore the broadcast caters to that.

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