Evil Geniuses vs. 100 Thieves / LCS 2023 Spring - Week 8 / Post-Match Discussion

I mean. Xayah Rakan is gonna fist this region until they both get giga nerfed. Nobody here is gonna play a lane that can bully them and its a little tricky trying to outscale them bc you'll prob struggle in lane. Example: I've never seen NA Cait Lux play out properly. They usually like, idk, die in lane or they'll ward lazy and die to ganks. Cait isn't rly a champ midgame without a lead.

Then its just the NA special right? Tank top, stack CC, farm then win the big teamfight.

Because we've never had international success, teams are so horny about trying aggressive comps that require execution or picking champs that need to sidelane to get their full usage or comps that need to early setup dragon vision and poke, or teams that need to find creative flank angles.

NA Jayce is a thing not only because our players aren't peak Theshy mechanically, but also because lots of NA teams just have Jayce play in a front to back 5v5 fistfight. At that point any engage tank is better.

Nah. This is NA. You come to NALCS, you play NA league. Draft for the front to back, shut the fuck up about your ego, win NA, and accept the L internationally.

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