Darshan Joins 100 Thieves Challengers, Sniper Becomes Inactive to Focus on Health

The funny thing with alphari is that no matter how much help he got or how many leads (even games) that he outright threw by getting caught on side (in lategame) or how many teamfights he threw by fail flashing or going in 1v5, or how many abysmal (playoff summit-like) laning phases he had which outright lost his team the game (im not denying any of this happened), he was still somehow a huge reason for TL's success.

Go back and watch how he played in lock-in. Even spring, and a lot of summer. Sure he faltered a bit in a few of the playoff games/series, but it was genuinly insane to watch? He had insane laning stats, and he was regularly getting solo kills in laning phase or on side lane while split pushing. He had more solo kills than any other player and it wasnt even close (I think he had a fair amount of isolated deaths himself as well though (like getting 2v1'd on side)). But the reason this TL roster was hugely successful was because the amount of pressure alphari was putting out and that he kinda forced enemy team to play in a certain way.

Also I dont really buy the narrative that alphari needs a bunch of help in lane, or that he is purely a lane player. Alphari is one of those top laners you can leave on an island and he will come out of it with a decent lead (unless other team is camping him). Sure alphari isnt a consistent carry lategame, which is where the "lane player", "cant translate a lead" memes comes from, and sure I somewhat agree with this, but he does have really good skirmishing/teamfighting from time to time. Honestly I think alphari GP is the best western GP I have ever seen (in terms of teamfighting), the amount of triple barrels he was hitting in standoffs and in complex situations was actually absurd. The 3 best "western" gps in terms of teamfighting mechanics is alphari, bwipo, impact and outside of those 3 no other LCS/LEC GP is even close. Honestly those 3 play GP on a similar lvl (if not higher) compared to what they do in LCK/LPL.

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