Ability Haste And Ravenous

It’s clear that these two experiences happened in the game just before you posted this, and I find the culture of immediately dismissing the strengths of other champions mind boggling.

You are playing Viktor. Not only do you have one of the quickest wave clears in the game, you also have the spells to poke & zone enemies from the wave, disrupt their cs patterns with W, or just kill them. Riven is a champion whose main ability is AoE damage with decent waveclear, and she has also bought an item whose main strength is waveclear. She’s also a champion with telegraphed mobility, so why didn’t you W your minion wave to stop her from clearing it? Ravenous gives no defensive stats as she does not use the life steal well, so why didn’t you poke her and then all-in her? Are you really spending so much time ‘prepping the melee minions’ that Riven is able to enter your jungle before you? Something is just not adding up.

Now onto ability haste. Why are you sidelaning against a Fiora? If you’re at the stage of the game where Fiora has enough AH to make you write a reddit thread, you’re also at the stage where Fiora is the strongest duellist in the game (maybe like one or two exceptions). Did you consider not sidelaning against Fiora? If you were forced to sidelane, then why were you fighting her? If you were actually just farming, then why are you not freezing the wave at your tower?

Pretty much everything you’ve written can be explained by applying the tiniest amount of scrutiny. You cannot complain about things when you clearly made 0 attempt to factor them in to your gameplay.

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