OTPs, how you encountered your champ?

I like spiders.

I looked at both league and dota, I wanted to play with my friends, I thought broodmother was cooler as a spider character so I installed dota first. My friends all told me I was a dumb stupid idiot because I installed the wrong moba they've been telling me they played, so I installed league with eyes on elise.

Was surprised that I liked elise far better than broodmother as a character, not only was jungle role more interesting and interactive at the time (late season 5-pre season 6) but I enjoyed the mechanics, learning pathing, matchups, etc and felt rewarded for doing so.

I hit gold my first year playing with her (and skarner), and then never dropped below diamond with her since, peaking grandmasters with her and averaging D1/masters every year.

...and honestly in a competitive sense I wish I picked up a different champ cause man elise gets it rough... viable for 2 patches at a time, usually preseasons when its very chaotic, then gutted the moment she steps foot in a pro game.

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