Q-Tip gets involved in Azealia/Iggy/Bronson issues

Disjointed rants on a messy conversation...

Why do people always conflate class with race?

It's not a race thing, it's a class thing. Black people don't own hip hop, The poor own it, the marginalized own it. And sometimes I feel like it pains black people to admit that latinos had a significant part in it's creation like it's a fucking asterisk. I know WHY rap became black music later on when labels got a ahold of it and it went mainstream. But don't fuck with the origin story, if latinos helped create it then it's ridiculous to claim it's black music and start giving patronizing black history lessons dating back to slavery in relation to it.

And during the shiny-suit era it wasn't blacks keeping "hip hop" alive it was puerto ricans, filipinos who loved break dancing, scratching and DJing, white people writing graffiti and running backpacker labels, and overseas British, French, Japanese etc. building hip hop globally from the ground up.

The culture the culture the culture, it's funny how mainstream artists keep talking about the culture, the culture of what? the fucking music industry? pop culture? mainstream culture? The shit that EVERYONE sees on TV and has access to on the internet? Now you want to talk about purity, artistic integrity, race, social issues? in a genre thats sold out half a dozen times in it’s history, in a product that everyone consumes? GTFO. At it's worst rap is downright disgusting, a reflection of greed, and exploitation. Is Iggy really as bad as some of the minstrel shows you see in mainstream? oh right ignorance, materialism and getting turnt up is a result of systematic oppression……? How do you defend this? just admit you like how shit tastes.

and SJWs just fuck off about appropriation your tumblr-ass opinions mean nothing they live in an echo chamber divorced from reality. you're just coopting the hip hop convo to push your agenda. You will fight for rap as a black voice one day and denounce it as misogyny the next.

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