Question about libido while taking methadone. Question for the ladies.

The problem is testosterone. Methadone (and other opiates, but especially methadone) inhibits your pituitary from sending the signal to your testicles to produce testosterone.

When I had my testosterone levels tested they were 30 ng/dl. To put that in perspective, that's about 95% lower than it should be (600 ng/ml for someone in my mid 20's at the time) and in the range of what would be normal for a WOMAN. Yes, women do have some testosterone naturally, just like we men have some estrogen naturally.

I went on testosterone shots and HOLY FUCKING SHIT it's like night and day. I don't even remember having a sex drive like this before opiates, although to be honest I started using super early (teens). I go into "beast mode" pretty much, I feel like an animal. Sorry if that's TMI but I just can't overstate the difference testosterone made for me. I also wake up with a hard on every morning and when I have sex it's like my dick is made out of steel I get so hard.

ALLLLL I'm trying to say is this: get your testosterone levels checked if you're experiencing low or no sex drive, if you're sleepy all the time, feeling depressed and not like yourself, weight gain, and/or erection problems. Testosterone doesn't work like that for everyone, but for me it has made one of the biggest positive impacts on my life (and relationship) ever. I actually have energy to workout and get healthy, which further improves sense of well being, happiness, sex drive, etc..

By the way, my testosterone level is NOT higher than what would be normal. It's not like what body builders do. I'm given a prescription and my blood levels are very carefully monitored and and that I do is make sure my blood levels are close to normal for someone my age. In fact, I've err'd on the side of going low rather than high. My testosterone level is now 450-500 which is good but definitely not higher than normal for my age.

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