Question: Which country has the most lax drug laws and also decent drugs?

Han Chinese use drugs but it's more underground for them and I would argue that only the English speaking ones that have studied/traveled abroad before use them. Everyone else thinks you'll literally waste away and die within a year if you do drugs. In fact, my co-workers asked me if I had ever smoked weed and I said yes. And they were like WOW did you not get sick or addicted to it? Does it damage your brain (talking about weed here)? Etc. I've never ever done drugs with a local, nor would I want to even entertain the idea. Too risky.

I've never seen a Han cop drugs in one of these open air markets. However, I've seen some of them do coke in the VIP lounges of clubs in Shanghai (rich communist officials' or celebrities kids). So it's out there for some people...but a rare few. They would NEVER get it like a foreigner does.

Most prevalent drug ... hands down is Coke and then weed. After that it's MDMA or E pills and then meth. I've never seen heroin but I've heard that's a problem in some places near the borders. My coke habit started in China because it was so god damn easy to get... and the purity was really high so now I'm thinkin' all this coke back home and even on the DNMs are garbage because of this!

The Nigerians and Uyghurs smoke weed but they never do anything else. Some Nigerians may do molly occasionally. I've tried to do coke with one of the Uyghurs and he was adamant about not doing it... said it was too addictive. Same with a Nigerian D boy when I asked him.

And yeah definitely do MDMA in clubs... and the clubs are super crazy gawdy with really loud music and bright lights... one place even had a floor that when you stepped on tiles it would change color... and another place where the bathroom had all these green lasers and fake diamonds everywhere refracting light. Super fucking fun to roll hard in the clubs with friends over there.

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