What's the biggest red flag you've ever ignored?

Met a guy on a Friday from friends and noticed he had a gun and rage issues but he was buying the liquor. I knew he was trouble though. He threw a party on Friday night that many people didn't even leave yet on Saturday night which he was throwing another party at. He spent over 1000 on liquor by going to various liquor stores. We were on the way back and he said he had to go get his brother from his house. Tells me not to say anything because his brother is a faggot and his lover is like 50. He gets his gun out from his glove box before he goes in and brings a bottle of rum/vodka/everclear with him. I notice him on the porch for a few minutes beating on the door then he goes up to the window and tries to get in then walks around to the side of the house and I don't see him for like 20 minutes. Then he comes walking fast out of the backyard with two small dogs in his arms and puts them in the car with me. Said his brother is coming soon and wants us to watch his dogs which I thought was fucking weird. We go back to his house where we are having the party.

Everyone gets plastered and I wake up the next morning to someone beating on the door and I open it to be met by a detective looking for this guy. I told them that I had no idea where he was and he asked if he could come in and I was like "no, sorry I am not allowed to let others in his house". THen one of those dogs comes behind me and the cop ask who's dog it was and I said that it was his brothers. He tells me to open the door. They came in to search the place but he wasn't there. Was told that he was suspected of robbing a gun store on Thursday night and also of arson because someone lit his brother's house on fire last night.

He got caught a few days later but told one of my friends he did it because the guy fucking his brother molested him or something and he went there to kill him but he wasn't home. He went to the garage and light a bunch of chemicals on fire and went to save the dogs so they wouldn't burn.

He only spent like 4-5 years locked up.

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