r/DayZ is looking for new moderators!

How often do you visit and participate on this subreddit? Are there any factors that would affect your participation? I am on this subreddit daily. Sometimes I post,reply,downvote/upvote. But I am always reading posts. Is there anything on the subreddit would you like to be involved with in particular? Contests and events? Weekly thread maintenance? Helping style the CSS? Other? I could help new players getting started e.g some tips, contests and events sounds amazing I would gladly help with that! Are there any concerns with the subreddit right now that you would tackle as a Moderator? What are they, and how would you go about addressing them? An issue I have are random down-votes. Sometimes genuinely good content gets down-voted. I am not very sure about a way of improving this, but I hope we could work together in finding some solutions. Do you have any new suggestions for current moderation standards, new weekly threads, or other improvements? Yes or no will suffice here, we're not here to steal your ideas (unless you want to share them anyway, that's cool too)! Nothing I can think of for now. Despite best intentions and efforts, there will always be users who will criticize your actions, make false accusations, or otherwise put you down. How have you dealt with discontent, disapproval, or disagreement in the past, and how are you prepared to handle this criticism in a position of power? I would first listen to such complaints/disapproval and see whether I can do something to please them if I do indeed see it a constructive criticism. However I will simply ignore trolls, random accusations/complaints. Why do you want to be a Moderator? I want to be a moderator so I can help in keeping this a troll free, positive place where people can "hang-out" and simply enjoy themselves posting content about the game they love. Do you have any prior moderation experience on reddit? On reddit, no. I have been a moderator on some forums and a few Garry's Mod servers (Popular). I also think i was on 1 TS3 server however i am not sure so won't state so bluntly. When did you join r/DayZ? What is your in-game experience like? I have been here for about 5 months, I joined reddit solely for this subreddit! No joke. My in-game experience is mostly as a friendly player who will help new players get started if met in-game. My in-game experience varies as sometimes i get frustrated with hackers and/or lag. But I still return to the game and play. This is my favourite game by far.

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