How I spend most of my work shift

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Me everyday at work 2500 18dys funny 302
Working the holidays at a hotel that caters to business travelers... 29 29dys gifs 1
Best part of my work day 966 3mos funny 39
MRW I signed up for a research test of a new laxative 545 4mos reactiongifs 13
I say this to myself every time at work 577 6mos gifs 25
I say this to myself every time at work 2686 6mos funny 295
when my boss says he cant afford for me to take breaks 924 10mos reactiongifs 33
Nothing like being productive at work 53 1yr funny 3
Every morning when after my first cup of coffee. 1755 1yr funny 96
My proudest achievement after two years: 89 1yr gifs 7
Why I wait to poop until I get to work. 193 1yr funny 15
Twice A Day, Every Day 179 1yr gifs 8
The top post of /r/funny today actually loops pretty well! 25 1yr perfectloops 1
Japanese Toilet 2 1yr musicgifstation 1
Being in The Military with the Government Shutdown 2505 1yr funny 934
Now that I actually work in an office, this gif suddenly makes sense 626 1yr funny 17
My work in a nutshell 52 2yrs gifs 3
How I feel when I poo at work (repost from r/gifs) 77 2yrs funny 5
Working on Black Friday when you don't work in retail 651 2yrs gifs 11
Easily the best part of my day. 952 2yrs funny 19
How I feel going into an eight hour shift with a bad case of the runs 539 2yrs funny 20
How I feel at work...Getting paid to poop! (Turn up the sound!) -1 2yrs GifSound 0
Me in the bathroom at work 316 2yrs funny 18
how I feel using the restroom at work (sfw) 28 2yrs funny 2
How I feel when I poo at work 243 2yrs gifs 9
Was browsing Reddit listening to pandora when this happened. 32 2yrs GifSound 1
How I feel at work every day 1255 2yrs funny 187
When my poop feels like anal dynamite 12 2mos pooplikethis 1
Trying to squeeze all the baby gravy out after goin to pound town. 651 6mos TrollXChromosomes 68
How I poop whilst making the first ascent of the worlds hardest climbing route. 12 6mos pooplikethis 3
HIFW my boyfriend puts the toilet seat down, and it's wiped clean. 372 8mos TrollXChromosomes 11
ITS TIME TO POTTY 30 8mos GifSound 1

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