/r/Fantasy Review Tuesday - Review what you're reading here! - June 02, 2020

Do you have any other criticism about Daniel Faust? Because the one thing you pointed out I actually find to be a huge strength of the book. It's realistic. In the real world, unfortunately there is a lot of violence and unjust actions toward women. The book doesn't shy away from it. It's stomach turning, but also realistic and puts a spotlight on the issue.

I would agree with you if Daniel was part of the problem, but he's not. The main character actively works against those awful ideals. He frees Caitlin simply becouse he finds slavery wrong, even though she's a demon.

As for the similarity to Dresden files; I wouldn't judge based on a single book. For me, the biggest thing was the masterfully executed romance running through the entire series, while Dresden Files completely abandoned romance after the 2nd book, only to emerge way too late in the series again.

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