/r/YuGiOh Basic Q&A and Ruling Megathread - December 31, 2018

Question about an incident that happened at my locals over the weekend. I’m playing Spyrals against my opponent who is playing the gouki turbo warrior deck. It’s game 3 and he doesn’t open great and it’s a grind game. Fast forward a bit and he’s slowly got the advantage but I manage to top deck into an extra foolish burial which gives me a Double Helix play. I’ve got a Spyral Last Resort in hand and a Spyral mission Rescue in grave.

Long story short I’m able to go into Double Helix and really need to hit a blind call to go off. I call monster and he flips up an Octostretch and I’m super excited because I now have a guaranteed Sleeper lock with my Gear Last Resort in hand. He then exclaims “oh I never shuffled my deck after my last search”. Which was true but I told him had I called the card wrong he probably would not have said the same. He then says he would allow me to recall the top card of my choice after a shuffle. I call monster and he flips up an impermanence... I’m only able to make a Tough and pop a monster of his and he goes on to win next turn...

I’m pretty laid back so I let it slide this time but how would it have been ruled at a YCS/regional etc? Would the reshuffle have been allowed?

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