Rand Paul’s History Of Opposing Relief Aid Is Coming Back To Bite Him

Even in war, it's considered unjustifiably cruel to withhold medical aid from wounded enemy soldiers you defeated in battle.

The gop are specifically holding food, shelter and medical aid from millions and millions of the poor as a political view point, like that is one of their main priorities, not only are the poor not wounded enemies, they are literally their fellow countrymen.

Not only that, the gop run their states to be as poor as possible and then beg for help when it falls apart.

And when the tragedy does hit, numerous times a year to one or more of the states, almost immediately there is someone such as yourself here, wagging your finger about claims not even made in the thread. Just claims you imagine the left are going to make, or that the left could make.

Like you are inventing a narrative, inventing an abusive claim, then coming to the rescue and attacking the left for what? Where or who in this thread made any of the above statements you are claiming were levied?

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