[Rant] I should be "suspicious"?

  1. At 26 unless its medically necessary, no doctor is going to sterilize you. It’s not so much about their personal views. There are legal ramifications for performing unnecessary major surgeries.

It’s not you. It’s self-preservation and I don’t blame them one bit.

  1. No insurance company is going to pay for something that isn’t medically necessary. Even in single payer countries, a major surgery like this isn’t getting approved just because you want it.

If you have the means and are serious about this, I would recommend traveling to a country where they don’t expect doctors to give a shit - either about themselves or you.

Sterilization is no joke. It’s an incredibly serious medical procedure that carries a lot of risk.

Expecting a doctor to take that risk on you without there being a legitimate medical condition - tells me you aren’t emotionally prepared for it.

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