Oxford ends women-only fellowship after university rules that it breaches equality law - This is the first time that the university has opened up a historically female-only fellowship to male applicants, and the move has prompted a backlash from previous recipients.

You are confusing social reform by the govt for changes in attitudes culturally. You will have to wait another 50/100 before that kind of statement is valid. If you want to argue that men and women inherently have different interests, then how do you explain the increase in female stem graduates?

It is also clear socialisation has a big impact on our interests as we grow up. Studies suggest women achieved more in stem when there was encouragement and interactions with both parents and stem teachers, good curriculum content, hands-on laboratory experiences, good high school achievement in STEM (that women have shown to be increasingly proficient at) and resources available at home. (S.L. Hanson, "Lost Talent, Women in the Sciences", Philadelphia, PA.: Temple University Press, 1996.)

P.s. men and women’s brains are more similar than they are different, with significant overlap.

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