Really dude?

I do have to work to live, my parents make me pay rent because I've already graduated, and I'm working a full time job. I have to buy my own food, pay 460$ a month for car insurance, need to pay for gas my own clothes. The list goes on.

Plus my boss ain't like that, I know how he is, he will let anyone go home for almost any reason if they want, he doesn't expect people to stay past their shift he doesn't even ask people to unless something happened and he might need someone to help a bit but even then he doesn't push if they say no or they cant. And I don't feel special for doing this, I'm literally just helping people out because I like to, I haven't normalized anything because out of 60 people that work here only me and one other guy do this and it's not expected out of anyone. Lol this sub is just a cesspool of "Boss bad, Boss is evil, Never help boss or anyone with anything" you guys are insane lmao

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