French protest and Trump indictment

Your argument is too simplistic. It ignores the hegemony of the ANC and the battle of opposition parties for the dwindling number of voters. Voter turnout has been dropping in all national elections since 1994.

In municipal elections, turnout has never been higher than 50%.

without the insistence on problematic white leaders (parties in SA should realize that for the immediate future at least, there will be no election of a white president/white-led party),

This flies in the face of all the delegates of that "white-led" party, who elected the leadership of their party to a three-year term.

It is their right to vote in an internal party election. If you don't want to vote for that party, their are many other opposition parties vying for your vote. That is the beauty of democracy: it's your decision to make. Nobody can tell you.

This insistence on identity politics is exactly what got us into this situation. A leader of a party doesn't need to be a particular skin colour as long as he/she can prove that they can lead.

ANC delegates clearly think Ramaphosa can lead the ANC to victory in 2024, again. He had contenders in a democratic process. Just like the DA, the internal party democracy exists.

Ramaphosa's election as party leader is one I will respect, because I saw the ANC's election declared free and fair by an independent elections agency. There were no objections.

Ramaphosa and Steenhuisen are duly elected party leaders who will contest the next election, regardless of what you as a voter may want, because you have no authority to change the outcome of their internal election processes, that is unless you're a party member and a majority of party members agree with your sentiments.

If you don't want to vote for Ramaphosa or Steenhuisen, there will be tens of other parties to vote for.

In 2019, there were 48 parties.

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