We really need to ban the Red Pill.

This is exactly right.

Look, if Red Pill is really as toxic as you guys think, it should only be a matter before someone pulls an Elliot Rodger, right? Rodger was known to post often and express a general resentment of women on PUAhate.com. If a similar event happened - a mass shooting - and it became publicly known that the killer had incubated his feelings of misogyny on the Red Pill, then the sub would be banned in 2.5 seconds. I'm sure it would fork off somewhere else in the Internet, but a good part of the community would say, hmm, maybe we are focusing too much on resentment of women by endorsing this so-called 'anger' stage.

It's tragic, but generally you need a catalyzing event like this to get mainstream change. Nobody gave a shit about police killing black people for minor crimes until we saw videos of Eric Garner et al. They definitely didn't give a shit about some criminal justice system essentially using their minority and poor populations as a funding piggy bank like Ferguson. Now some do.

It's tautological. If TRP is that fucked up and widespread, then surely someone will do something really fucked up and we'll get banned. If TRP is mostly just a bunch of angry socially anxious men yelling on the internet, then it's likely your parody efforts are the most effective. The Daily Show has done more to open the minds of my Republican friends than anything else. The course of history has proven satire and parody to be infinitely more effective at undermining logically flawed ideas, than censorship of those ideas.

I know, you can't just sit idle and make jokes and figure if TRP is that bad, well, some people will end up raped and dead. You already feel that's a fait accompli, * and so you feel it's your duty to *preempt this, and if that means advocating censorship or something else, so be it.

OK, you want to channel your energies into preempting these scourges of society? You realize there is a potential nominee of one of the US major political parties that is openly advocating way shittier things to way more people than TRP is, right? If you truly are worried about organizations that promote toxic messages in our society and feel compelled to shut them down lest innocent minds be exposed and corrupted to them - maybe channel your energies beyond to trying to ban a goddamn subreddit?

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