Recently realized I have "cool undertones", but I'd like to wear fall colors.

In my totally unexpert opinion, you can make any color family work for any skin tone if you tweak how muted it is by adding white or black to it. Simple example:*l8ivKUasD0YNmZbziSFn2Q.png

In practice most people aren’t going to take the time to get exact colors, but as a tip if you try on a shirt in a color you want but it just seems a little off, try finding a similar shade lighter or darker and see. For me, there’s a very narrow range of green that looks good because I have a slight yellow/greenish undertone. Some greens bring it out waaayyy too much, whereas darker muted greens look okay. I couldn’t tell you the color name. I’ve just gotten used to seeing in stores if it’s a shade that’ll work for me or not.

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