Reddit Antiwork Moderator Says Working Was 'Degrading' and 'Pointless'

I was fortunate in my early 20's to witness first hand how the media distorts things. I was an employee for a small government agency which was unionised. There was a problem getting the second union contract through. The dispute was over management not wanting to allow current employees to bid for supervisory positions. I attended the board meeting to hear first hand, at least I thought that's what would happen. Instead, the board, chiefs and director sat I. A closed door meeting for an hour. They came out and the board members, one by one, pledged their fealty and unwaivering devotion to the director. They were supposed to be his boss. The local newspaper was there to witness all this. They didn't speak to any of the staff, union reps or shop stewards. Then they ran a piece that stated basically "greedy unionised workers seek meritless pay increases." Literally, had nothing to do with the dispute, but that's what the board and director fed them.

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