Reddit, have the police ever had to come to your house? Why?

2am with the window open; my girlfriend at the time heard a dog sniffing around in the back yard so I went to rescue my roommates' chickens.

When I got to the back door there was a big SWAT-lookin guy at the door tapping on the window. I opened the door because I don't afraid of cops and he told me to get everyone out of the house.

When we walked down the driveway we passed more SWAT-lookin guys stacked up behind my car out of view of the backyard. Another guy sat us across the street as more cop cars idled up with their lights off.

They got a big floodlight and spent a while making an incursion into the yard. Meanwhile one of the less armed cops told me someone had robbed the cornerstore and their dog kept hitting on our yard.

Anyway, the guy wasn't there so they packed up to move on to the tweaker pad apartments nearby. They offered to sweep the house before we went back in and, imagining having to explain her death to my girlfriend's dad, I let the bulletproof vests go ahead.

All-in-all it was uneventful and not very interesting.

Fast forward to the next day: my girlfriend is half enraged and half in tears because my roommate has written one or more scathing Facebook essays about me and my white privilege.

Apparently inviting police into the house was an act of direct and malicious oppression (presumably because she's of Filipino descent) and an exercise in white-on-nonwhite subjugation. Tangentially, my girlfriend at the time was ethnically half Chinese and the other roommate-victim as white and male they come.

Later they cornered me in the kitchen to tell me about police brutality and cops planting drugs on brown people and stuff.

Ultimately I reneged on my lease because the author of my biography kept being an asshole to my girlfriend.

TL;DR I let the police help me because I'm racist and hate women

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