Take an innocent anime and give it a dark twist

When Yokodera shows Azusa the second cat god statue and tells her that it grants wishes differently than the first one, she decides to give it a test wish. "I want this pervert to be more interested in me." However, the cat god twists it and gives Yokodera a violent side to his usual perversion. Losing conscious control of his actions, he begins to sexually assault Azusa. Knowing it had something to do with what she said, Azusa shouts that she takes it back and that she wished that this side of him never existed. The cat god cancels the first wish, but twists the second one and changes reality to one where Yokodera never existed.

Tsukushi and Tsukiko grow up in Italy and when they return to Japan to visit their mother, they find her dead in the old house. Tsukushi has a temporary breakdown thinking it's her fault and becomes more possessive of Tsukiko, not wanting to lose her. She continues to act tough to hide her sadness throughout her life, scaring away most people at school and as a result, doesn't make many friends. Tsukiko is bullied at school for being the sister of "that scary, loner girl", and since she cries easily, everyone picks on her more. She tries to turn to Tsukushi for help, but is treated harshly by her sister, who tells her to toughen up and stop being a crybaby. Tsukiko resolves to become tougher, but grows distant from her sister, which devastates Tsukushi.

When their grandparents learn Tsukushi had seriously intended to marry Tsukiko, they separate the two, sending Tsukushi to a relative who turns out to be very abusive. Tsukushi turns to drinking to drown her sorrows and is killed in a bar shooting. Tsukiko becomes tougher, but is labeled a delinquent after accidentally sending another student to the hospital, gets expelled from school, and disowned by her grandparents. After learning of her sister's death, she develops a drug addiction and goes missing. No one has seen her since.

Azusa continues her rich girl act at school and works multiple jobs to keep it up. To stay in character, she turns down everyone who asks her out, never finding romance in her life. She collapses from exhaustion one day at a construction job and dies in an accident.

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