Redditors over 30, what's the most significant thing individuals should do in their 20s?

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I'm 40, so I guess that counts. •Do whatever you can to build and maintain good credit. Save money for emergencies. Don't overextend yourself with credit cards.

•Save for retirement (adding this because so many people mentioned it).

•Exercise regularly. Eat healthier.

•Cut out the negative people in your life.

•Don't talk shit behind your friends' backs. If you don't like someone, that's fine. Be the bigger person.

•If you can't forgive or forget, at least move on. Holding onto shit just bogs you down. Is it really worth the energy?

•Get your oil changed regularly. Check your tires. Keep your car clean. Make sure you have windshield washer fluid.

•Keep your apartment/home/living space clean enough so that if someone texts that they're swinging by, you can give it a quick 10-minute once over and have it not look like a shithole.

•If you like someone, like, like them like them, just ask them out. Don't pine. If they have a SO, move on. If they say no, move on. Grand romantic gestures are only effective with someone who is already into you.

•Don't beat yourself up too much for your mistakes (everyone fucks up), but learn from them. Tell the people that you care about that you care about them.

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