Redditors who have done psychedelics, how has your experience shaped your personality?

Lol. I was the type of person i wanted to try everything atleast once. These are the ones I can recall doing. I mixed alot of these substances together at different times to achieve different effects. I would say, the only thing I have not done is DMT. Had opportunities to. Just never did it.

Various forms of molly, pure metyhlone, Nbome25, shrooms (first experience was on 1.5g of golden teachers), benadryl, dxm 1200mg numerous times (reached plateau sigma and couldnt speak for 2 weeks afterwards), 2ci, 2cp, mxe (large amounts of unknown dosages intravenously used. This is a ketamine analog), LSD (hard to find), ketamine once (boring). The micrograms of the research chemicals I do not remember. This was all years ago.

Been sober 4 years and my brain is finally healing and I lead a normal life now. Don't need drugs to experience happiness anymore. I came to the realization drug induced happiness is exactly that, drug induced. Not pure raw true happiness organically achieved. Being of a sober mind set is very pleasing to me now.

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