Redditors who have given their SO's another chance after getting cheated on: How's your relationship now?

He worked really hard, everything was wonderful and cheating actually brought us closer. We felt like it made us stronger as a couple. He proposed, we were going to get married, we were planning on buying a house and starting a family.

AAAAAAaaaaannnnnddd then I caught that lying, no good, two faced piece of shit cheating, again, with the same girl he cheated on me with the first time. A real piece of work that one was. Her self esteem wasn't low, it was subterranean. I sent her a list of low-income therapists and support groups instead of chewing her out like I did the first time because I actually felt bad for her the second time around. She'd actually try to defend him and insist it wasn't true, there was nothing between them, they never did anything together - she was so desperate for his approval that she was willing to do anything, including lie for him, just to demonstrate her loyalty. I had evidence, it was so sad to see her groveling for his affection in the most desperate of manners.

I broke up with him, pretty disgustingly. I got vengeful. I knew someone who was in love with me for years and once I got the green light from them that they were seriously interested in dating me, I left my ex. I never cheated, but I had an exit strategy. I needed him to know the pain that comes with having someone else interfere with your relationship. He cried, he kicked, he threw a large yankee candle in my direction but eventually broke down and admitted he had it coming.

They started dating officially, which I'm sure meant the world to her. But side bitches never become the main, and if they do it's not for very long. He knows she has no dignity and ultimately, not many people want that in a life partner. He dumped her two weeks into it when he met someone else. I felt just a little bit bad for her. Lurking in the shadows and hiding from the world for over two years, only to get dumped and left for someone else a matter of weeks into it when things are made legitimate.

He lost a lot of weight, became skeletal and fell into a massive depression for years, but he was banging models so he had that going for him. I moved on with my life, traumatized but working on it. I don't know whats going on with his life now, but last I understood he has a girlfriend he is completely faithful to so I hope he learned his goddamn lesson with me and never does it again.

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