I Rented a 2013 Tesla Model S-- and It Broke - [Hoovies Garage]

The Model S starts at $74,500. That's considerably cheaper than the S-Class ($97,595), 7 series ($83,100), and Panamera ($85k).

Nice cherry picking. In addition the A8 starts at ($82K), the XJ starts at ($74k), and the LS starts at ($72k).

I'm no Isaac Newton but those numbers sure do look closer to the Model S than the cars in the Mid-size class.

True. However it's closer in both size and price to the 5/E/A6 segment.

Is it? The Model S tops out at double the price of those cars.

The differences are actually pretty big. An E300 4matic (36mo/10k) has a 61% residual whereas a S550 4-Matic (36mo/10k) has a 52% residual.

I don't know where you're getting your numbers but they're off by at least 10% from mine. You are correct they have different curves but they end up in nearly the same place or at least reasonably close at 5 years. Which is what I was using since we're discussing the 2012/13's listed on Autotrader in the $30s.

Regardless, as I said before, if you prefer to compare it against the mid-size go ahead and run the numbers.

The point of my post wasn't the specific numbers just to show not only is the depreciation on the Model S not unusual for its class it's actually pretty damn good.

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