Report: It’s ‘a matter of time’ until Andre Drummond secures a buyout and joins the Brooklyn Nets

I feel like a lot of people on this sub don’t understand how buyouts worked.

He’s already been getting paid all season. Closer to the trade deadline Drummond will decide if he wants a buy out. At that point 70% of the season is done and he already got that salary. Depends on how much of the remaining 30% of the salary he wants to give up.

It’s essentially around 9 million he’d be giving up, then probably get the pro-rated vet min for $1millie.

So he’ll make around $21millie this season with the Cavs and Nets combined. It’s up to him to decide if giving up the $8 million is worth starting for a championship caliber squad. And not to mention a good playoff performance would most likely earn him another solid contract.

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