Resigning from developer job to focus on GATE CSE 24 full time, foolish or worh the risk?

It's your decision at the end. I'm in similar boat. 2021 graduate (but from tier 3 college ;_;), have decent job. Have 2yrs of experience & tried to prepare for GATE last year but couldn't focus & left the preparation in November. I'm thinking of preparing again this year soon, need that tier 1 college tag. I'm in no position to tell you here what is best for you as I'm also confused about this same thing. But try to evaluate on these point to make the decision: - how stable you are financially, if dropping for a year does not affect you then it's worth a risk. - about getting a job next year again if GATE doesn't go very well, I guess you are from tier 1 college you'll have decent chance finding new job but we cannot say anything about economy & state of jobs in IT these days... So there's that. - The regret: how important GATE is for you? You don't want to regret later that you should have prepared. But also, maybe it's not that important for you as you are from tier 1 college & you can make successful career anyways.

Just few points to help you make your decision. You also don't have to go all on. You can prepare for few months with job & resign in last few months. So there is no massive gap in you resume.

Let me know if any of this was helpful. I'm also looking for some ideas like how can I focus on my gate oreo. I feel like I have time but I'm just not able to concentrate or strategies my preparation.

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