Rich will save themselves in 'climate apartheid' while poor suffer, UN report says

Famines are a part of nature and existed before the ussr. Yeah Stalin paid the clouds to not rain. There is mass poverty and homelessness in the us and ebt and those things will get worse never go away. They are built into capitalism and so is imperialism and exploitation. There is famine in India caused by capitalism and the potato famine are only a couple examples. The USA committed genocide against an entire population of native Americans and built a country off slave labor. Capitalist countries have illegally murdered hundreds of thousands of leftists in other countries, toppled governments, colonized and destroyed almost the entire globe.

The ussr was destroyed because it’s hard to exist as a socialist country surrounded by powerful countries who want nothing more than your destruction. They will do everything to destroy them as history clearly shows. I suggest you actually read the links I sent you and do some honest research. Try to undo all the indoctrination you’ve been fed since birth. You might find everything you think you know is a lie and there’s a reason for that. It’s hard but worth it.

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