Murder is literally unjustified or illegal killing so there is a difference.

Wtf are you on about? Kyle was not going to kill anyone until that moron Rosenbaum started chasing him. What action did Kyle take that led Rosenbaum to believe that Kyle was about murder people?

"He was not going to murder anyone until that scary Jewish man dared to approach him! Why would that terrorist think our innocent white angel wanted to kill people just because he brought an assault rifle and body armor to a protest! Kyle had no option but to kill him, as we all know walking while Jewish is a capital offense!"

The difference between Rosenbaum and Kyle was that Rosenbaum instigated violence. He, of his own volition and without any action from Kyle justifying his behaviour,

TIL bringing a gun to a protest is completely nonviolent. Nobody has ever connected guns with violence before. THIS IS WHAT REPUBLICANS ACTUALLY EXPECT YOU TO BELIEVE.

started to chase Kyle. That gives Kyle the right to use violence against him to protect himself.

Running isn't a capital offense.

I don’t care what a victim does to their aggressor in order to prevent harm being done to them.

We both know that of Kyle was black you'd be faint for his head.

What white supremacist belief do I hold?

The belief that white supremacists hunting humans is perfectly fine.

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