Saturday night thread

Day was OK managed to go for two walks but feeling down a little. My job finished up about a month ago and I've signed up for JobSeeker and asked for mutual obligations to be reduced, submitted certificates from specialist and GP which they asked for. Yesterday they sent me a letter saying because my condition is not temporary I cannot be exempted. What an unhelpful system. Been struggling with day to day stuff as my health deteriorated recently. It's not helping with my mental wellbeing but I have a booking with a psychologist in July.

A: long weekend plan is to tune into over 30 DJ's playing live over it and most looking forward to Nik Fish performing.

Ultra late dinner tonight, a sort of a Greek salad; mixed leaf, avo, tomato, fetta, walnuts, olives with extra virgin and balsamic and some chicken. Food brings me joy in times of stress.

AC installer booked for next week to check bedroom if unit can be fitted. Fingers crossed.

"Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired", hope you all are enjoying the weekend.

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