Schizophrenics of Reddit, what's a story involving your condition that you'd like to share?

I'm okay and do pretty well, but then again the medication has improved significantly these days, so it's possible to live a normal lifestyle. But I do hear voices - especially at night. I've always been convinced I can hear my dog talking to me, but in a language I don't quite understand. I can pick out words, but not sentences, like if you're watching a Spanish TV show. And the voices. I hear voices sometimes, when I first wake up in the morning - especially in the morning before I take my medicine. Often, I don't know where the voices come from - it's eery, like it's from the walls, or the sky. Sometimes I'll think they're coming from my dog. But most of the time - I'd say 85-90% of my day, I'm just like you. Except, for sometimes - I hear voices. Not necessarily bad, but they drive me insane. It can just be the sound of a child laughing - it won't stop. Oh, the voices. And, my dog. Sometimes I think my dog is talking to me, but I don't really understand what she's saying. Most of the time she's just a dog though. Work is probably the most "normal" part of my day. I catalog weapons that have been used in crimes for my town's police department - I keep them until the cases go to court, and then see to it the weapons are destroyed, or given back to the owners. I work by myself, with no supervision and it's nice - just me and the guns. And the voices. But mainly just me and the guns. And by the time I get home, I can tell that it's time to take my evening dose of medication, because the voices are gradually getting louder - especially on my drive home. Like, I'll hear something and think my radio is barely on, but then I realize my radio is off and that it's just my mind messing with me. Occasionally, the laughing gets so bad that I'll scream, but that's ok - it's just me in the car by myself, so nobody can hear me. But then when I come home I scream and realize my dog is crying at me. She hates loud noises. So, you know - I get by. It's pretty normal. Just the occasional noises.

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