[Serious] ex-atheists of reddit, what changed your mind?

I apologize for the long windedness of this story as I fell from religion, became an atheist, and then found my faith again.

Growing up around the age of 7 I started going to church with my sisters and parents. Typical Sunday School stuff. Sing about Jesus, talk about Jesus, and hear the biblical stories we have all come to know and love and then doubt and then enjoy again. I enjoyed church, had good friends, grew up with good morals and to be respectable of everyone.

Fast forward to my first year at college. I still went to the campus church weekly and met new friends. Typical weekend hits and you head to parties. That is when I would see people who I saw at the church who were out spoken about drugs, sex, etc doing everything they spoke out against. They were getting trashed. Hooking up you name it. Then I would see them on Sundays acting all innocent and holy. It was there where I started to hate church and religion as it seemed like something people half assed or were only "Christians on Sunday".

So I slowly fell from Church and becamse agnostic flirting with atheism. I got cheated on, which sent me down a spiral and not even praying really helped. I was at the bottom of life. Drinking a lot sleeping around trying to fill that void.

One night I just gave in and ended up praying. Next day my sister, her husband and my parents got together at our cottage and my sister and brother in law gave me a calendar they made. While flipping through the pictures they used I noticed April had apicture of them with arrival of Lylah. I found out my sister was pregnant and I was going to be an uncle.

If that wasn't an answered prayer I don't know what is. That began my personal relationship with God and a more spiritual ideology vs going to church.

TL;DR Grew up in a very religious household, saw people being hypocrites at college, lost my faith, hit rock bottom, found out my sister was having a baby and I would finally be an uncle. Found a more personal relationship with God.

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