[Serious] Is it fair to say that the USA has the best healthcare in the world - and the worst?

Health care has been a pain in the ass for me. I was covered through my Dad's insurance until I was 26. I use "covered" here but really, very little was actually covered. My insurance was a bitch, they denied medications, they denied services, they sent bills back, and at times it fucked with my health and pissed my doctor off.

The actual care I've received has been shit. I landed myself in urgent care Thursday afternoon with the stomach flu, a really really bad one. In the span of only a few hours I went from vomiting food, to vomiting foam, to vomiting only god knows what the fuck that was. Shuddering, gasping for air, yellow skin, red eyes, etc. My boyfriend later told me that I looked possessed.

The urgent care facility sucked. I was one of two patients in the waiting room and no one seemed to give a shit that I was practically slumping out of my wheelchair to the floor, begging for help. These assholes were going to fucking let me lay there for over an hour. I begged the nurse to help and once she realized she had no fucking idea what she was doing and I was really sick, she got a doctor(?). He had no idea what he was doing either. He started asking me questions but I was vomiting nonstop and couldn't even breathe. When my boyfriend tried to answer, the doctor said he had to hear it from my mouth directly. So he decided to stand there calmly while I continued to vomit instead because this was obviously a much wiser course of action.

When paramedics arrived to take me to the hospital, the first thing they said to me was, "Don't come here."

You'd think going to the hospital would be a step up but it wasn't. It must have taken an hour to get me into a "room" - a hole in the wall without a proper bed - because it took them forever to "clean". I was severely dehydrated and in great need of continued Zofran drips for the vomiting but the nurses forgot me. Multiple times. Between maybe 7:00pm and 3:00am, when I was discharged, I had to beg for help 4 times. Doctors kept forgetting me, telling me they'd be right back, not showing back up for 45 minutes, etc. Everyone was rude except for one man, who couldn't even help me, but was clearly the only person on call who had any fucking kind of human decency.

After I was discharged, no actual medical advice was given. I've had to do research online because I'm still sick, like disgustingly sick, and suffering migraines.

TL;DR My old health coverage was a joke. We'll see how my current coverage handles Thursday's medical fiasco, ambulance ride included shudder. The medical care I received that afternoon/night was atrocious. The hospital staff kept ignoring and forgetting patients.

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