[Serious] Men with micropenises, how has it affected your life?

Not diagnosed with micropenis, but self-measuring, I am < 3in, erect.

I'm nearing 30 and I'm still a virgin. I am extremely self-conscious about my body, so I am terrified by the idea of sex. Having a micropenis technically doesn't affect me because nobody has ever seen it anyway, but I suppose it contributes to my poor self-esteem and lack of confidence.

I have loved women but declined to pursue a romantic relationship for fear of disappointing them. I feel having a micropenis in itself is not a total dealbreaker, but I must have wealth or charisma to compensate, and I just don't have either of those things. I spent my 20's pursuing them, but as my 30th birthday approaches, my career has remained stagnant and unimpressive, and my social anxiety and isolation has only increased. My peers are getting married and having children, but I'm not even dateable yet.

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