[Serious] People who thought they were "forever alone" but then ended up with someone, what's your story?


Well I had a boyfriend when I was 18 to 21. We broke up due to him not ready to take the relationship further. I dated other people which caused me to be with men who were manipulating, narcissistic and abusive. These men broke me. I used sex as a mechanism in place of love. I was damaged from years of men who took advantage of me. Even the men in my family would tell me how much I would never amount to anything.

I finally go out of a dark place. After the last guy broke me mentally. I decided that I would never be with someone cause I was damaged goods. Well I had to go to therapy because it was causing my psychosis to verbally attack my family and close friends. I even started to hate myself to the point I contemplated suicide.

I remember the day it all changed.... therapy helped but the day I had emotional breakdown in my bathroom. Cried for hours. Screamed and yelled. I decided to go to bed.

I got on LinkedIn just for shits and giggles... I decided to snoop and see what my ex from years prior was up to. July 15,2019— I sent him a message and we’ve been together ever since. He mended a lot of my insecurities. They still come up once in a while. He was patient. He loves me unconditionally. I still have PTSD from all the abuse and gaslighting... he tells me he sees a future with me. We’ve talked about our future wedding one day.

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