[Serious] Reddit, what's currently stressing you out, and how can we help?

I am a disabled person in a new relationship (a little over one month) and the guy I'm seeing has gone from wanting to boost my self-esteem, texting me multiple times a day, to seeming distant. There's nothing I've done out of the ordinary. He just went from making plans to help me pick out new jewelry for my nipple piercings and saying"sweet dreams, beautiful." To rarely texting me suddenly as soon as it became June. He still jokes around like normal and we fool around when we visit each other, but he's not as eager to use terms of endearment or kiss me without warning. Just coming across as unaffectionate unless I initiate the kissing/sex play.

I have three hypotheses for why this is happening 1) he no longer finds me attractive and can't break it to me due to guilt.

2) father's day is this month and it depresses him since he has grown up without a father but doesn't want to talk about it yet (I suspect his father died.)

3) he is more attracted to someone else and feels conflicted

I already tried hinting and asking him if anything's wrong because he "doesn't seem like himself" and he just kisses me and says "I'm fine!"

He doesn't want to see me as frequently as he used to. I want to directly say "hey, you seem less affectionate than usual. You've been nothing but great to me so if you're just not that into me anymore, no hard feelings. I'm just glad that this month happened. It was fun."

BUTTTTT then I run the risk of looking crazy insecure. He could reply "uhhh, no? I still think you're attractive and I like you, excuse me if I haven't been using as many nicknames and emojis as I did two weeks ago...geez..."

Being disabled has made me TERRIFIED that people will stay with me out of pity/guilt. I am insecure and I'll admit that, but I don't want to cross the line between insecure and crazy-possessive.

Reddit can help by invading his mind for me and reporting back!

Or, ya know, I'm stressed because I'm doing poorly in a neuropharmacology course! You could opt to help with that instead!

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