[Serious] Redditors who attempted suicide, what was it like waking up alive?

Why? Because living is hard. And painful. And magical. And awful. It is so many things. For some people it feels like its just the bad things. All the time. And if it isn't, then our brains guilt us for feeling sad when "nothing's really wrong." Yes, you might as well enjoy your $50, but what if you're not enjoying it? What if, instead, everyday, no matter how hard you try, you just ache to give it away, if only to just not feel the pain or the grey, foggy nothingness of another day because God dammit you just don't want to have to live through one more day. The pain, the slipping grasp of that word "happiness," the thought that finally you could lay down your head and not have to deal with any of it anymore. How much better you feel it would be for you and everyone you (e?)affect. I don't condone this, or think it wouldn't negatively effect those around you, and I want nothing more than to help people work through this feeling, but I do know that people who feel that way have spent just as much time..if not much more, pondering "why not" as you have "why." Some people need to know it's an option. I do believe that everyone should have a chance to hold on to their $50, but I also know that it isn't always that easy, and we don't all want the same things in life. Sometimes we just don't want to hurt anymore and its the only for sure way to have that. ...unless you wake up alive..and then that's awkward :/ that being said RIP to those lost and THANK YOU (insert non-offending higher power/ words) for those who are still here today :)

tldr: Life is awesome. It's also pretty vicious. Sometimes we just don't feel like we can and/or want to play anymore.

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