[Serious] Redditors, who have experienced sleep paralysis, what is the feeling and what are your first thoughts when it occurs?

One time when I was a teenager, I was laying in bed and smelled he overwhelming scent of mecurechrome (similar to iodine) which was weird because my deceased grandfather has varicose ulcers on his legs and he was always covered in the stuff. Suddenly I felt a tightness like I was being hugged and a sensation similar to that of an electric shock go through my body. I was terrified but I couldn’t move a muscle. It subsided after what seemed like forever. But then I woke up and was like, did that just happen? Was I dreaming because that was the realest feeling dream I have ever had. I’ve always thought to myself I had a visit from my grandad and he was giving me a hug, but I’d never heard of sleep paralysis. Now that I am familiar with the term, I realize that is what I most likely experienced.

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