[Serious] Redditors who lost their job because of something that you didn't do, what happened?

I worked for a super high volume restaurant (think 90k avg daily sales) that had a promotion themed around a specific food item.

Knowing we were going to see a spike in sales on that item I ordered it via phone with our rep - we were high volume in a small space so didn't have the room to order it and sit on it, we had to have the bulk of it arrive the morning of the first day of the promo.

The purveyor forgot to place my order and it didn't come in - I called and she apologized and said she'd get it out to us asap - which was the next day.

We were the flagship, busiest restaurant in the company and we went the first day of our first regional promo of a new fiscal year without the items we needed to make that promo. The item in question was something that couldn't just be purchased in bulk at a restaurant supply store or grocery chain and could not be subbed with another product.

The closest other location to me was in another state - needless to say it was a debacle.

The purveyor told my boss I never ordered the item and had never mentioned it to her and had told her 'I had forgotten about it' until the day of the promo start.

I got fired.

If you're wondering why I've been vague about details, I'm in the middle of suing those fuckers - I bled 65 hour weeks for 11 years for this company and pulled off miracles in that location when they couldn't keep managers in it because of how busy it was, and they took the word of a purveyor over me and fired me for it. Owners had changed hands shortly before this happened so I didn't have the history I had with the prior owners, but I got fucked and now I am bending them over backwards and things are looking good.

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