[Serious]What is the scariest encounter with a person you ever had?

Not the scariest thing, but it happened last night so it's on my mind.

I'm walking around my neighborhood playing Pokemon Go, had just turned it off so I wasn't looking at my phone. It's a dark road, but not entirely unpopulated. A car is driving towards me and about ten feet in front of me they throw a bag out the window and I can hear it thud on the side of the road. It's about the size of a small backpack.

It's really dark where it hit, but I can see that the bag is moving and then thrashing around. There is definitely something in the bag.

In 2 seconds it goes from an inanimate object to a thrashing shrieking thing in a bag. It starts to break out and it's a mangie black cat that is running and stumbling around. It looks like somebody who is trying to run while really dizzy or drunk. I'm thinking it might be rabid, but it starts running towards me.

So I start backing away quickly, while still facing the cat. I feel really bad for it, but I don't want to be the one who he claws up and bites because some assholes threw him out of a moving car.

Eventually he kinda gets his surroundings, stops stumbling, and runs off. But it was definitely a scary incident because it all happened within 15 seconds and was one of the more cruel things I've ever seen in my life. :(

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