[SERIOUS] what was the scariest paranormal activity experience you have ever had?

Was 9 years old and my mom sends to buy some food at the supermarket two blocks away. On my way to the supermarket, I kept imagining a grey old guy with a shade like figure following me, on my way into the building I ring the intercom and told my mom that I feel something weird is following me.

She met me up at the door entrance with my 6ish month's niece and handed to me while she told me she had to get inside, I put my niece on a shelf while holding her (she was heavy for me) when all of the sudden everything turns black and I got paralyzed. Then lights turn up on my brain and i see my mom on the laundry room from above (the view was like if it was a camera on the ceiling) holding a duster and waving it randomly; after that the "camera" starts moving towards my house entrance really fast accelerating each second (the laundry room was like several rooms apart from the entrance) then everything goes black again when I feel like someone is behind me trying to get its hands to the center of my chest (my chest felt was like some really thick dense foamy material) while feeling a hard pressure in it. I only managed to hug my niece tighter to protect her i guess while the hands tried to get a hold of whatever it was trying to reach in my chest and after what I guess it would be 6 seconds I managed to move my body and yell mom really hard.

I never got my mom to explain to me what she was actually doing when she left me at the entrance with my niece, but the weird feeling of being followed and the intense pressure on my chest went away as soon as I was able to shake it. This is my only really weird experience while fully awake (i had an acting/school activity once when I was 7 and everything felt like if I was dreaming, I asked my mom several times if it was a dream and she still remembers it).

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