[Serious] What was the unhappiest time in your life and how did you get through it?

Hard to pick a certain point in my life that I consider the worst. I guess the worst thing to happen to me would be most weekends at my dad. Now my dad and my mom got divorced when I was 8. Years later I found out the he cheated on her, hit her, never let her have friends. He was not a good guy, but as a kid I didn't pick up on that stuff. Anyways when I was around 10 and my little brother was around 3 or 4 the divorce between my mom and dad was final and my dad didn't get custody so he started drinking. Shortly after that I never saw him sober, he drank when he woke up to when he passed out. From 10-16 years old, every day I saw him he would sit me down and tell me how much he dislikes me and why my little brother is better than me. On rarer occasions he would get mad run over to me and hit me, throw me to the ground, ect. Now I put up with this because I knew if I didn't he would probably start going after my little brother. He was also very convincing, I mean most people saw him as a good guy unless they knew how he really is (not many people trusted me because I was a kid I guess). Anyways last time I saw him he kicked me and my brother out of his house around midnight I was 16 and my brother was 9 he told me he hated me and never loved me and that was it. We both just got kicked out. Go to court tell judge what happen blah, blah, blah the courts still order me and my brother to go back to the house me being too big the courts said my mom couldn't physically force me to go so I dont have to. My little brother though does have to...so I tell my dad he has to sober up or he'll lose his remaining son like he did me. So far, 2 years later, he is still "not drinking" when my brother is there (meaning he still drinks when he isn't so no real progress). He doesn't hurt my brother though, which I am happy about.

I am 18 btw so not much life experience to come up with a "tougher life story".

Anyways it isn't a horrible thing I have a great family other than my dad, and I am very thankful for that.

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