Whats the most cringe worthy thing you did in middle/high school?

I almost made a throwaway account for this one because even though I graduated 20 years ago I still bite my fist and cringe whenever I think about it...but I will own my shame.

So at the end of grade 9 I moved from a private school in the UK to public school on the West coast. During my entire tenure at this private school I was in the same classes with pretty much the same people so we pretty much all became at least acquaintances and mostly friends. As a result of this familiarity, when yearbook time came around we would sign each others yearbooks with lots of rude language and maybe a crude drawing or poem thrown in for good measure. We all did it and it was never meant to be mean...just a bunch of 13 year old boys having fun.

Fast forward to the end of grade 9 when I am a brand new face in a strange school trying to make friends so I ask to sign peoples' yearbooks. Having no other frame of reference and being a bit socially retarded I write in their yearbooks (bear in mind they are almost complete strangers and half of them female) the same things that I would write in the yearbooks of my most familiar male private school chums, except I made the comments a bit more lewd because I thought I was being extra funny.

I got a call to the principal's office the day after yearbooks were handed out. I drew a moustache and glasses on one girl's yearbook picture and she was so upset that the school gave her a new book. In another girl's book I told her that her breasts are like melons from Tuscany, and in one guy's book I drew a huge cock inside the back cover.

In hindsight I was only 14 at the time and having never been in a classroom with girls I did not know how to properly interact with them, but I still feel terrible whenever I think about it because I'm really not a creepy or mean person.

TLDR: moved to a new school in a different country and tried to make friends by drawing cocks in their yearbooks.

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