[Serious] What's the creepiest story you've ever read/heard, true or not?

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It was over spring break of this year, 2002, I was in NC like always to see family and a few old friends. My uncle is in a band and they practice on his farm in a barn turned into a mini recording studio almost. On his farm there is about 50 acres (guestimation) of uncleared land that has trails cut through it just enough to fit a Chevy Spectrum through (trees skim the side doors but that's another story). Anyway one of the trails is about a half a mile long and goes from the barn to a creek that runs through his property. One one particular night I was at a late night practice session in the barn. The band got into a heated arguement so I decided to go outside and take a walk. I know the trails like the back of my hands so I wasn't afraid to walk them, and I'd gone a little ways in a night before just to like take a piss, no big deal (the moon was pretty much full that night and it was clear so I could see really well in parts of the trail). Anyways I went outside and began to go down the half a mile trail leading to the creek. My uncle had a golden retriever puppy who at the time who was about 9 months old who he kept outside who decided to walk with me. We walked almost all the way down the trail and could see the creek almost when the dog stopped dead in his tracks and began to shiver. He started looking around like someone was calling for him and I stood there saying his name and asking what was wrong, like he'd actually answer me or something. After about a minute or so of standing there trying to coax him he darted back up the trail towards to barn. I thought he was only afraid of the dark or the sound the creek was making and continued down the trail. Once I reached the creek I followed the path that lead to a clearing where my uncle had made a bonfire kind of camp site with benches around the fire pit. This clearing was lighted by moonlight and made it totally visible from the trail. My uncle had told me he knew of teenagers and bums staying down there and partying and sleeping but I never thought there would be anyone there to harm me, but there looked to be someone there this time. I walked up to the clearing and called to the figure standing by the fire pit. I asked who they were and what they were doing on my uncle's property. There was no reply. I kept walking towards the figure till I could make out what looked to be a bum with a tattered long coat on and a shawl of some kind wrapped around his head. I again asked who they were and what they were doing, still no reply. Then I stopped and was about to repeat myself once more, this time I was pissed... all I got out of my mouth was HEY! Then the figure turned around... I freaked the **** out... What looked like a man was nothing like a human being at all from the front. I stood paralyzed with my eyes fixated on some creature that looked like something out of a hellish nightmare staring at me. I could make out a head with huge eyes that glew like headlights that were glow in the dark and a large mouth that was opened... there was a large chest and where the stomach should be a gaping hole with what looked like melting flesh and innards dripping to the torso... I don't know how long I stood there if it was a second or 20 minutes, if I screamed or not... I felt like I heard a howling of a banshee and wolf or something in my head and I couldn't take my eyes away or move. Finally I broke out of my trance and sprinted as hard as I could back to the trail and back up to the barn. When I got back about 1/5 of the way up the trail I heard a scream/howl and then I began to hear something like trees and limbs snapping in half. I kept running and the snapping sound got lowder and closer. I looked over to my right on the trail and could see something almost beside me on the edge of the trail and the snapping sounds were coming from it. I made it back to the barn out of breath and exhausted, busted in the door and told my uncle and his bandmates what had happened. They all proceeded to come up with there own little stories of what it could be, but then my uncle told me something he hadn't ever told me before about what he'd seen in his woods... He told me he'd found dead animals with their heads decapitated or there necks slit down at the clearing and satanic symbols written in what looked like blood in the dirt there. He also told me of the eyes he'd seen at the edge of the woods at night that would show up in packs, eyes like the ones I saw on that "figure", and how one night his trailer was shaken off it's foundation accompanied by howling and screeching and when he went outside he saw the eyes at the edge of the woods. I pissed my pants after I heard all this while we were in the barn. I was afraid to go back outside to get in my car and drive back to my grandma's that night. We all went outside together and the band guys got in there cars and left... my uncle and I began to walk back to his house so I could get my car. We were about half way there when we heard the howl and stopped. The light that was over the barn cut off, we were in bitch darkness. Rustling noises came from the woods and then sets of eyes began to pop up. My uncle said run, and that was the last thing I heard before I got to my car, all the while screeching and howling seemed like it was getting closer and closer. When I got to my car there were dozens of eyes on the edge of the woods and then I left, scared ****less.

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