[Serious] When was a time you interacted with a seemingly “normal” person, but later found out that they were not?

Met this guy at uni in my first semester, at first he was cool. We just seemed to click for some reason. But after a bit of time, he got more comfortable, I started to notice weird things he would do. He always murmured to himself in the third person - very weird. The other thing he did was flex his wealth, I remember all he had to do was get his student card out to write his student number for the register. Instead he pulled out all his cash knowing I would see ( knobhead behaviour). And he changed when around people, he only did this once because I clocked on, but he got rude to me to try and impressive others.

Told him to “never chill with me again” and that was it. So, by any magical way you see this Nathan. Enjoy your 9K debt dickhead.

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