[serious] When was a time you legitimately thought you were going to die?

I am a girl, and i found out when i was 12 that I have the worst periods in my family. Every time I would have my period I would bleed through and I would lie in my bed for at least two days in serious pain. It wasnt good for school or my social life. So when i turned 17 I decided to get spiral. I had just gotten my spiral. After i left the hospital I could barely walk, and I even threw up when we got to the car. When we got home, I was in my bed for three days screaming in pain, the worst pain I have ever felt to this day. I legit thought i was gonna die, my mom even called the doctor and they said it was normal. How was that normal?! It was horrible. I even bled a hella lot about a week after, but then as i healed up, the pain went away and I havent had my period since.

I am here today and havent had my period for 2 years. The pain was worth it.

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