[Serious] Young smokers of Reddit. Being a generation who are fully aware of the risks, why do you choose to smoke?

Thanks for the straight dope and btw you're not wrong for saying it relaxes. However, it's not the full picture IMO.

Used to be a smoker myself until I read this awesome book. (Will try to recollect from my hazy memory). The author had been a heaver smoker for decades. So anyways, I remember reading this part where they describe smoking as putting on a pair of tight shoes (just a little too small to be comfortable).

When you take a drag, especially the first one of the day / evening, their is this relaxation and peace that envelopes you. This happens because for a moment the nicotine monster is held at bay. This would be akin to taking off the shoes.

I would live for this fleeting moment. But as it goes, after a while the mild anxiety set back in, and I'd need another ciggie. This time it would be less satisfying.

As this goes on for years, often the case is the light smoker can drift into a medium or heavy smoker. In a sense one is putting on tighter and tighter shoes.

So yes, this nicotine does help to destress, but the stress or anxiety was caused by the nicotine dependance in the first place..

You can see how a logical conclusion follows

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