I seriously thought that Lindsay Graham couldn't get any better, then BAM!... He lays this down. *Audience Gasped

He is a guilt-monger pure and simple. That's what runs his engine.

People like Chomsky (who admits to feeling liberal guilt) are many times from families that used guilt to control or manipulate.

He instinctively transfers that guilt to being an American and tries to spread it around by criticism (critical theory) to get others to shoulder it along with him, which in some sad way makes it easier for him to bear.

"See, I'm not the only one who is guilty, the whole society I am a part of is guilty." It helps him feel better about himself for a few moments at a time, as if he is doing something to change the world.

And he gets to seem virtuous and self-aware for being willing to take pot shots at the rest of us. But he's really just a mediocre mind stuck in atheistic materialism. He is obviously an economic know-nothing because he grants Marx so much credulity.

It's just his "edgy" critical theory that resonates with those who admire him. They join him in standing on the sidelines and taking pot-shots at America and Americans. Pathetic really.

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